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Was Bi-Curious, tried it, Worried now...

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I hooked up with someone I found on Sniffies. We met at a hotel. I want to know how much I screwed up, as far as safety is concerned.

I tried to be as safe as possible, but I am scared of STDs/STIs. I asked him before hand and told him several times how much I wanted to avoid diseases. He assured me he was clean.

We started with me giving the guy head.

1) I got him hard with my hand, and put a trojan ultra thin condom on... realized i touched the condom with the same hand I touched his raw dick, so I washed my hands and put on another

2) I put his penis in my mouth with the condom on for a few minutes; got him to just about the balls. As far as I know I did not touch his skin

3) We put on a new condom and tried anal on me.... there may have been some skin to skin contact when I was on my back, but it was not for very long

4) I really didn't like it, he could tell, so we stopped

I noticed a skin tag on the shaft and he said it's been there most of his life. I also noticed some darker color skin under one side of the head, and he said it was a scar from when he learned to jack off as a teenager. I did not touch any of those with my mouth or anus. I washed my hands before applying the condoms. 2-3 days ago,, I trimmed my ass crack with an electric razor and shaved my balls as well.

What are the chances I got an STD/STI, such as HIV, HPV, or herpes?

HIV slim to zero. Anything else, probably zero as well. If you are worried, go to a clinic and they will reassure you and put your mind at ease.

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