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"The Chase" - Love and Romance

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ok so i was talking to this girl and she asked me to be her gf. she was in michigan visiting her family when this happened. we only hung out once. when she got back, she went to a party and we were supposed to hang out tonight but she bailed. so i broke it off. she was barely talking to me anyways and we ad only hung out once. basically it was like we were acquaintences or something. she told me she likes the chase but when someone gets too interested or whatev that she loses interest. she even said she doesn't like being wanted. that she needed time to miss a person.

am i the only person that thinks this is effed up? i just think that if you're going to be with someone that you would attempt to talk/text them and/or hang out. but she acted like she just wasn't wanting to try and was posting stuff about her '1st love' on fb and how she was admitting feelings for my ex and stuff. i obviously just gave up about 3 or 4 days into it. i don't want a flaky person. idk. i felt i needed to end it. anyways i guess this is just a rant. thanks for reading.

single and ready to mingle.



thats pretty twisted and pointless, she obvisiously has alot of issues to deal with.dont stress not ur loss, youll find someone better ans more appreciative of u one day


yeah.... "effed up" is a good way to put it! Like Kylie said, "she obviously has a lot of issues." It doesn't necessarily make her a bad person, it just makes her a bad person for you (unless what you want is someone who is never going to be emotionally available, always playing hard to get, and probably going to cheat on you). It's not a judgment on her specifically, it's just the cold hard reality of what people really mean when they say they "like the chase".

walking away is definitely not your loss, it is probably your best decision.


she is certainly not looking for love but a conquest. Good thing you are not stuck with her!! She is lost to the world of those without passion or love. You can go on looking for love in with someone without some screws lose. Dont lose faith, just know there are those of us who do know want love and want passion in out lives. Just go out there and wait for the right one to find you.


thanks girls. honestly, it was stressing me out that she didn't talk to me for 3 days. she contacted my friend and was asking my fav flower and stuff so it seemed like she was going to do something romantic when she got back from michigan. but she didn't of course and i got tired of waiting for her to contact me. i'm glad it's over and that i didn't get too invested into the relationship. when someone shows disinterest, i do the same. i'm a very strong woman today and i know when i need to end things between someone. but thanks so much. i'm glad i'm not the 'bad guy' here.


Sounds like a user and a gamer to me. Shallow or really messed up!
Glad you had enough sense to get away from that. Good for you Lauren.