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Hello. My name is Ashley I am 20 years old and have just started coming out. I am bi sexual. I have a fiance. (a guy) who I love but we have been talking and I want to try to be with a girl. I know this might sound odd but I want to find a girlfriend. Yes while I am still with my fiance. I really want to date both at once. I think it could be fun. A


Hi Ashley..Im Anaz..28years old..I am also new here, and hv same situation with you. Trust me, you dont have to scared. Juz be yourself. If I'm near to you rite now, for sure, I will ask you for a date so that we can behave like what we feel..my point is, never feel bad to show who you really are..


Hey Asley, welcome to the world of wild and wonderful women. Dont worry about being on your own, weve all been ther, you will find that on this site you will get loads of support from like minded women. and as Anaz said, there are loads of women in your situation, If you can get a date wiv Anaz, you will av the time of your life. Does ur fiancee know about your feeling towards women? the best thing in life is to be honest about who you are.


Hi Ashley and welcome to the site. I'm just curious about something; you said you are engaged to a guy and that you want to try to be with a girl. You also stated you wanted to date both and you think it could be fun. I hope I got that right.

My question is this, are you looking for a female because you are genuinely attracted to women or because you are curious and simply want to try it out? I won't ask about the whole dating both deal because I am a firm believer in monogamy, but I am interested in knowing where you are regarding women.

It's hard to tell whether you are trying to come out with your feelings about women or if you are just looking to have fun with the idea of being with a woman.