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Giving head

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Is the thing that's making you stop is going behind your girlfriend's back?



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On 9/8/2017 at 5:50 AM, beginner said:

Hi. I am a male and I want to give a blowjob. I really do. I have dreams about it, a think about many times a day. I am in normal relationship with girlfriend, but I am a little bit bisexual and from time to time i have a chance to suck a cock. Obviously its my secret and my lady doesnt know about it. Anyway, thinking about dick in my mouth making me hard but when i go down, something says stop. What is your thought about that kind of situations. What should I do to get rid of these thoughts. 

Suck more cock  and you will get her out of your thoughts ;)

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anyone from my ares here and like to blow job 



if you want a cock in your mouth, go out and find find one!..Sod  what girlfriend might think...she might be thinking summat along the same lines!  i could be wrong but as far as I'm aware there is not much in any relgious text including the Bible  to suggest there is anything wrong with exploring sexual adventures with either sex or indeed same sex encounters! 


love to have my mouth bathed with warm creamy cum



I truly believe you should take the opportunity and suck the next cock that comes your way (pun intended). At least your curiosity will be satisfied, you may well want more, or, curiosity satisfied, you just settle for pussy, but you have to know!

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