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Tribbing with another female?

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I alway love the thought of tribbing with a woman. Are there any females that feel as I do? I have a burning desire to do this but haven't been able to do this for a long time now. It has been since my teens since I did it. It is a nice experience when you are two joined together and feel the bliss of both bodies touching. Kissing and holding each other close  while moving in sync with each other. If anyone has thoughts please share. It does frustrate me when I hear porn movies and that is my biggest fantasy to do it. And for long periods of time.




Yes, I remember with a friend, hugging and it became tribbing, but when i was young


Thank you for your thoughts. I know I love as a fetish of mine and I can't wait till I can hopefully meet another female to trib with. I love the feeling of lying in each other's arms and hugging and feeling the closeness of our bodies together. Even kissing. Just the heat between us is so good. I haven't done it for a long time and i crave it so much.