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Fitness supplements?

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HI guys, 

I've got a fitness question for you ;) 
I'm currently taking some supplements to make the most of my workouts and diet, but someone recently told me all that is basically just bullshit, especially protein supplements..  I've been happy with my results, but if it's a waste of my money I'm open to try smtg else. 

What I take: BCAA, whey protein, creatine, L-Carnitine, and occasionally a pre workout :P

Any recommendations or thoughts? 


Well some of these are not very efective in my case the only one that worked was creatine and omniplus


The reason Doctors don't tell everyone to take protein is because, It would put a lot of em out of work!! Banging protein into ya, gives you all the good shit ya need and will keep your levels up, any excess you will just pass naturally! As for the other stuff it's all good, don't take creatine too long without a break, it will reduce your naturally produced creatine! Other than the above, cheat ;)


Well, are you getting any side effects or benefits from it?