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Though a huge Tom Hanks fan that doesn't mean he always makes good movies. I saw but don't remember the first two films based on the books by Dan Brown and this is the most forgettable of all, that is if you can even remember what the plot was about though it was again a case of a man wanting to rule the world and the good people who want to stop him.

Tom Hanks, not being a Tom Cruise, doesn't go around fighting 5 people at a time and winning the fight and, in fact, gets beaten up a few times, but, yes, recovers pretty quickly as only movie heroes can. At 60 he isn't running as fast or as much as he use to but the one thing Hanks has is that tremendous likability that always makes him a winner in any movie he is in.

There is a strong supporting cast made up of young, middle aged and old actors doing a professional job but, alas, all for nothing. I am a firm believer of checking your logic at the door when coming to see an action movie but the screen writer David Koepp and director Ron Howard seem to be deyfing you to follow the film. Yes, someone wants to eliminate half the population, as he feels we are overpopulated, releasing a virus and there are a load of red herrings and some people are out to stop the virus from being released.

Three things going for the movie are the soundtrack by Howard Shore, the production design by Peter Wenham and the cinematography by Salvatore Totino in Florence, Venice and Istanbul but that's not enough for a good movie.

If you haven't seen Tom Hanks in "Scully" then skip "inferno" or save your money to see "Moonlight" next week and "Loving" the week after!




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