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Embarrassing moments

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Hi all,
So…I had an “OMG” moment. I walked all over the city yesterday with my flies down! I hate that...a full 30 mins and didn't notice people gawking at me! Lol. What have you done that's embarrassing, but didn't realise until a while later?


I've done the same with my spaiver, but at work. I didn't realise until I went to the toilet a couple of hours into my shift. I'm paranoid about leaving it down now and check at least 5 times after leaving the toilet to make sure I pulled it back up. Another one would be me ballinga selection of songs from Pirates of Penzance, or Libera Me or the last couple of lines of Pie Jesu at the top of my voice in the toilet at work, only to have someone walk in on me. Was busy drying my hands and never noticed anyone come in. I didn't hang around to see the look on their face.


I didn't hang around to see the look on their face.

Right?! Why hang around to find out their reaction! lol I'm with you on that! ツ