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Nose bleeds?

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Basically I've been experiencing an alarmingly high number of nose bleeds lately, I'm literally being woken up with nose bleeds everynight, I'm also fighting off a cold so my nose being blocked doesn't help. Now, this is the weird part, the blood doesn't look like blood, which is why I can honestly say nose bleed, it's like a weird orange colour, I don't know what to make of it, would you say this is something that needs medical advice or could it be related to this cold?


Orange?? Errr, you should always get things checked out when it's medically related! Hope you're ok...you must be exhausted from all that interrupted sleep! Take it easy... ツ


I'd definitely get it checked out, especially if it's orange (or grey).


Hi Chud I know you been on the site for a long time and I know that you have medical problems so I would say Please get it check as soon as you can and keep us updated...


Being a gay is done of d best feeling,.


Blood in the lower part of the nose, are very thin - and often orange. The skin in the nose are also thin, and for some others it's even thinner than usual. If the bleeding will stop, you can get it "burned" at your doctor's office. But anyway you should seek help.