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NO one knows about us and Very Painful </3 - Looking for LOVE!!!

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It's painful when you move away from your man because his fuckin' mother want him to be married until people stop talking (your son he has a sexual problem)!!

NOW&gt&gt He got the wife and I got a pain congrats to me and yes it's so beautiful to live alone again T_T No I'm happy T_T those tears of joy..

I hate this kind of men who don't have a personal decision of his life :@..

I hope to god punish him because he left me alone [SAD] don't know how to live without his memories..


This is life, on the expressway to my love. the ground is littered by men like him. some people love the sex but can't handle the reality of who they are. I understand your pain and hope you can find solace somewhere.


Tristram Goncalves , Andrew W. Matheson&gt&gt

thanks for your opinions and yes I also see that much and too much around me!
the most of GAY GUYS they want SEX only,, WHY??
Animals doing sex between each others too!,, but we humans have things beyond capabilities of animals to satisfy our emotional desires!!!

When I go to any country other than the Arab countries!, I don't looking to find Gay Bars or else of these places etc,, cause I really want to love enters my heart not just a dick in deep of my ass!!

Because in fact as human beings, inside us or in our bodies (Soul , Heart , Feelings , Mind)..
- SOUL: want mate.
- HEART: want love.
- FEELINGS: want stability.
- MIND: want [the one] to be "comfortable" from the hassles of life.

So all we need is the one to complete the incomplete us.
Uh, there are many things I want understand it but still complicated for me! but I'm happy because our planet where a lot of people didn't meet them yet because I have hope that god will give me the best in my life &gt I will go to &gt&gtMars


I don't think Mr. Right is on Mars either, but if you find him there, please let me know.

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