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Halloween Dream

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So it's Halloween again, time to get dressed up, drink and have a bit of fun. All great stuff but what interests me is not the gore, blood and guts of slasher movies, but the really scary stuff - the stories of the spirit world. I was trying to remember if I had experienced any ghostly apparitions or scary experiences and couldn't think of any occasion, except one.

About seven years ago I had quite a harrowing experience in a lucid dream (one where I knew I was dreaming in the dream). I dreamt I was in an old house I didn't recognise, everything was dark and I was trying to find a way out. I remember turning into a corridor and seeing a strange white misty light coming from under one of the doors ahead. At that moment I knew something wasn't quite right but I decided to investigate.

As I approached the door I could see there was a large gap between it and the floor, so I slowly knelt down to take a look. Immediately I felt the sensation that whatever it was behind the door was not human but was some kind of spirit. Through the light I could see something floating and it was moving towards the door and me. I started shouting. All of a sudden I found myself being comforted by my boyfriend, who I'd woke up with a start. I was inconsolable and was still screaming. I was shaking, my heart was racing and I was hyperventilating because I could feel whatever it was in the dream in the room with me. It was like I'd brought this spirit back through the dream.

After talking over the experience with my boyfriend I calmed down a little. I moved to go to the bathroom to get some water, but felt really uneasy still. As I walked down the hall towards the bathroom the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and I felt cold. All I could think about was getting out of the flat but thought that was a stupid idea at 4am, where on earth would I go? I helped myself to some water but avoided looking in the mirror, and felt something was there behind me over my shoulder. I thought by recognising myself in the mirror I was be recognising it too. Freaked out, I tried to calm down and hurried back to bed. I couldn't stop thinking about this entity and who/what it might have been and eventually managed to fall asleep after a few hours awake.

A couple of days later I was cleaning the bedroom, as I took the bottom sheet off the bed I found a large white feather resting on top of the mattress. It could have belonged to the duvet, but it was larger than what you'd normally find in one and why was it on the mattress? Immediately I felt a cold rush down my body and recalled the other night. I did some dream research online and found that some say that feathers are a connection between humans and the spirit world and birds are considered as messengers. To this day, I don't know what any of it meant, I could be reading too much into something but I've never felt so scared before, both in and out of a dream.

Has any scary stuff happened to you?

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WTH! You had my hairs stand up on my arms when I read your post (lol) I had a dream but never like that. I was in a huge building that looked like an abandon mental institution, very dark but there was a hint of light that I could see about maybe 10 feet away and the light followed me where ever I go and on my left and right were stairs leading up to another floor level and from a distance there was a double door that I thought would be an exist but when I went through those doors I ended back in the same room. I ran upstairs and again I was in the same room, I panic and I ball up like a fetal position and I kept saying to myself "its just a dream, its just a dream" and force myself to wake up.

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