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When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back for doing a job well done? I am not talking about a job where you are an employee though you certainly deserve a pat on the back for that. I am talking about every day things that many others may take for granted, that even you make take for granted.
Running a house is not easy and just think of the thousands, maybe even millions of things you do to keep it running smoothly or, even better, the one or two things you did today. Whether you live alone or are raising a family or there are just two of you what would the place look like if you didn’t do the things you do? Would he/she do them?
Yes, I live alone, and yes, I am not responsible to anyone else, but imagine if I didn’t do things around the place like clean the oven, sweep, wash and wax the floors, clean the fridge, dust the place OR, at least hire someone to do those things even if only once a month. Paying someone else to do something I can do means taking money away from something else I want to do.
Don’t I deserve a pat on the back for writing and posting blogs every day as I promised myself I would 9 years ago when I started blogging? I certainly deserve patting myself on the back when I start adding up at least one blog a day, 365 days a year and not to forget 366 days a Leap Year, over a 9 year period is a lot of writing and, oh yes, a lot of picture taking.
No you don’t have to help a neighbor or even take a family member to the doctor or pick up a jar of pickles for someone when you go to the supermarket or walk the dog or clean the bird cage but you do so why not give yourself a pat on the back? You certainly deserve it.
Know what else you deserve? You deserve to treat yourself and we’ll talk about that next!


This was months ago more like 2 months but I did change out my leaky faucet in the kitchen and it hasn't leaked so I guess I should pat myself in the back. I was hesitant at first thinking I should call my neighbor over to help me but I didn't and I went on changing out my faucet.

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