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Big chill this weekend: Temps could fall into 40s
Yes, that what all the weather people in South Florida are shouting about, whether on television or the newspaper!! Tonight it will only go down to the 50s. Of course we also turn the clocks back tomorrow so it will get darker earlier and without the sun colder earlier.
The thing is I get no sympathy from you people up north. In fact most of you laugh at me but folks you have to realize that low 40s is COLD, VERY COLD, in South Florida. We don’t mind an occasionally low in the mid 60s but that’s low enough.
Now I am not going to moan and groan like those people who moved down here from Minnesota a couple of years ago and cry “My skin is thin and I get colder now being old.” Yeah and I have been taking blood thinners for 14 years and this time have lived here 45 years but just as I don’t care how hot and humid it gets--and it does--I don’t like/want the temperatures going below 70!
Don’t laugh at me when you are busy shoveling snow, scraping the ice off your car windows, slipping, sliding and falling on the sidewalks and/or someone hits you in the head with a snowball because if you laugh at me now I will send you a card when you have your next snowstorm or it is below freezing that says:
“Don’t YOU wish YOU were here?” with a picture of me sitting on the beach!

One thing about cold weather--I get to wear my 2 favorite cold weather shirts--these photos were taken 6 years ago.



We got drops of snow the last two days.

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