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With this being the week of giving thanks for what we have I want to thank every nurse who through the years have helped me during the good and bad times, especially those who always seem to go above and beyond their duties in the emergency rooms.

The hospitals here are very competitive --they advertise how fast their ERs are BUT that is just to get into an ER room and then the wait starts. They now have a board with the patient's name and how long it will be before a doctor gets to see them--do I have to tell you the time is usually way off?

I will say the nurses are worth their weight in gold--actually more because some are thin--and do more to comfort the WAITING patient than any doc does. I make it a point to get the names of the nurses and write a letter to the hospital praising them.

Though I never look forward to going to the ER I find as I get old I am going there more than I did the first 65 years of my life and I am glad the nurses are there!

PS I have yet to meet that gay male nurse to take care of me!


Nurses are amazing, I have two very friends who are nurses. It's great to hear you appreciate them!


But when will I get a male nurse? You know--that hot sexy one you always hear about!! LOL

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