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Is it that time already? Again? Well we are thinking about it now. Go on a diet. Walk a couple of miles a day. Exercise. No more sweets. Cut back on bread. Cut up the charge cards. Write more often. Call. Do this and that. Don’t do this and that.
Yes that tradition known as New Year’s resolutions. Almost the same as that tradition of breaking New Year’s resolutions.
When I was younger I made resolutions and, like you, I broke them. At one time I made a resolution to break whatever resolutions I made. In 1985 I decided no more New Year’s resolutions and I haven’t made any since. Well I didn’t make them New Year’s Eve or Day but I found myself making them during the year. Just a few months ago I decided to put X amount of dollars a month aside for my Leap Year birthday party on Monday, February 29, 2016, and I have been doing that.
There is nothing wrong with making resolutions but why the same ones all the time? Wait, the blog sites will be loaded with “I am going to lose weight”, “I will join the gym and exercise” posts and they will eagerly tell you how great they are doing and then they will confess there first ’cheat’ and will rationalize it away and tell you they are going right back, that they are not giving up. Funny but by February you won’t read a post about diets, exercise, losing weight, getting healthier.
How about something different this year? Don’t make any resolutions, don’t talk about what you are GOING to do--JUST DO IT! Then in July or even better in December, 2015, tell us what you did since January!


Good point! I'm useless at sticking to resolutions so I don't bother. It's better as you say, to just DO IT!

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