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Playing with gay gamers...

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OK, so while the title may be moderately provocative, that's your own dirty minds fault. My intention is actually to see if there are any video gamers out there who would like to share gamer tags or talk about gaming experiences. The gamer society tends to be pretty offensive most of the time and it's a nice surprise when you meet someone who you can genuinely care about and talk to.

In my own experience on Playstation Network, I shrug off the thoughtless stereotypes and don't even mention that while I'm kicking their butts in score frequently, I'm also daydreaming of sexy men. When I posted that I was celebrating gay Pride month last June I noticed a few losses to my "Friends" list, but their absence isn't missed. We're better than that and if some people can't even confront our existence with civility then they're not worth the time.

So if you're on Playstation Network and need a bud to chat or play around with, my tag is Zahn40
Lately I've been killing time with Destiny, but also enjoyed many other genres like Dark Souls, GTA5, Last of Us, and a bunch more.

Look forward to seeing you all around or here to share your own gaming stories.

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Heheh, I idle 24/7 on Warsow, so yeah, I guess there's at least one gamer out there x)


I am a gamer too from the paper rpgs to the video games too