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I have seen and gone by the Café Vico for years but it wasn’t until my 19th Leap Year birthday when I spent a week eating in restaurants I have always wanted to go to. I fell in love with the food and think I have had every dish on their menu plus most of their specials.

During the summer they do a 2-4-1 luncheon special and we go every Thursday!! I have never had less than a good meal there and most are more in the excellent category such as the baby shrimp with linguini and broccoli in a excellent sauce I had for lunch this past Thursday.

I went into Café Vico to talk to the owner Marco about my birthday dinner Monday, February 29, 2016. They have completely redone the restaurant adding a piano bar but it still has it homey elegant feeling and furnishings. He said they a small room that sits comfortable seating for 15 people while the larger room will hold 30 people. There are other rooms and, of course, the outside dining patio.

Right now I have no idea of how many people are planning to come though I hope those who want to come will let me know way in advance so I have an idea how many people will be coming and how many more I can say yes, come on down!

The slideshow: entrance and out door dining small party room--large party room--food, food and more food--carrot cake of course!


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