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Does getting old equate with being clumsy? I never was clumsy up until a few years ago. What do I mean by clumsy? Last Thursday I ran over my small toe on my left foot with a shopping cart. It bled profusely for two days no matter how much I packed cotton and bandages and, trust me, it is not easy putting bandaids between the last two toes!

On Tuesday I noticed the foot was red and on Wednesday it was swollen and I knew it was infected. Called the doctor to have him call in a prescription to the drug store for an antibiotic but it doesn’t work that way as he can’t charge me for an office call if I don’t go see him. There goes a wasted Thursday. Turns out the ‘trauma’ brought on an attack of gout which is not pleasant!

I look at my arms and all I see are blood spots and ‘wounds’ like on my right hand where, by accident, as I was turning the corner on the walkway I hit the edge of the railing and ripped off a chunk of skin or where on the upper arm I banged it against the corner of the cupboard while I was closing it!! By the way I take a blood thinner and let me tell you when I bleed I bleed!

A few months ago I went out and bought arm protectors that basketball players wear and, unfortunately, I don’t wear them 24/7 so I have black and blue marks all over both arms.

Oh yes did I mention that I stubbed my big right toe two moths ago and it is still black and blue?

Yes folks it is just one more thing that they don’t warn you about what will happen when you get old but then if we told youngsters in their 40s and 50s would they even listen to us?


Brave-Heart, I'm 40 and have been clumsy for years.... I listen to my parents (now in their 60s) and am getting acutely aware of perils of ageing! It's starting already...


Mark it isn't THAT bad!!! Keep in mind a lot of younger guys like older ones--and not for the money! LOL

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OMG I'm only 53 and i run into everything i drop everything the only thing thats changed for the better is sex it's better then ever maybe the 23 year's with the same man we've worked it out

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