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Talk about clumsiness!! Allen was picking me up on Tuesday to go see the movie “The 100-Year-Old-Man Who jumped Out The Window and Disappeared” at The Gateway Theatre. Before he got there I wanted to stop at the Gateway apartment offices and inquire is if I was eligible to have my place repainted. I had lived in this apartment 11 years and my first one for 5 years and thought I deserved it but I wasn’t holding my breath! I, also, had a huge bag of garbage to throw out. In front of my building there is a handicap ‘drive’ for wheelchairs and walkers with 2 sides rising above the other two. I was not looking where I was going and tripped landing on my right knee scrapping the toes. I went upstairs, washed off the blood and put on a large no stick bandage.

We went to the movie and afterwards Allen wanted to get a bite to eat and I surprised him AND me!! He dropped me off at my place and he went ho e. I redressed the wounds and decided to take a nap. Long story short--the pain was going through my thighs and I was concerned. The not wanting to eat and the pain never stopped me from eating which told me something was wrong!

I was checked in at 8 PM and X-rays were taken as was medical information about midnight . The ER doctor told me it looked like my knee cap had broken into 3 pieces, that they would check me in and the Orthopedic doctor and take a look at. He mentioned a doctor might tie the pieces together with a wire. They checked me into a room on the fourth floor at around 3 AM. It wasn’t until 7 PM that the orthopedic doctor came to see me and said that surgery wasn’t necessary but that I would have to wear a special binder that would keep my leg, particularly the knee, straight. I would also have to wear it for 5-6weeks. It is not comfortable and when I bend the knees accidentally I get a searing pain!

With all that I did get to come home with a pain killer prescription for 32 cents at 9 PM on Wednesday!!
And now I am on the search for a wheel chair!
I do keep on getting klutzier!!


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