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I still am not doing IT after 7 years!

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It is really hard to believe that 7 years ago this week I had my last cigarette. I had been smoking since I was 12--to appear older and sophisticated!!--59 years. Though I started out slowly after the age of 17 until 2008 I smoked 2-3 packs a day!!
I never even thought of quitting. In fact over the New Year’s weekend of 1999-2000 I had congestive heart failure and as soon as I recovered, still in the hospital, I snuck out for a cigarette.
On July 21. 2008, I was going from my hospital room to the operation room to have an aorta valve replacement procedure and before I was wheeled away I had a cigarette, put it out and it was the last cigarette I would ever have up to the moment I am writing this.
I didn’t have any problem quitting nor do I remember even making the decision to quit. There were no withdrawal systems, being around people who smoke didn’t/doesn’t bother me.
Ironically last year, Gateway, where I live, started a no smoking rule anywhere on the property including your own apartment which I know I wouldn’t have been able to follow and would have been found out and probably kicked out! And now with all the laws regarding no smoking I picked a good time to stop!
I do miss smoking every now and then, like when I am at the computer, but in a second that desire passes (now if that would only happen in my sex life!!)
I consider myself very lucky as though I have COPD and PAD from all those years of smoking I am not walking around attached to an oxygen tank as many here do.
Here it is 7 years later and I am still waiting for my taste buds to come back as they say happens when you quit smoking or, maybe, I never lost them.
Though there is that ‘nothing worse than a reformed sinner’ I don’t make comments and/or say anything to other smokers so have no fear if you are a smoker when you are around me--I just might inhale some of your smoke!
Gave up drinking in 1981, gave up smoking in 2008, watching what I eat so I can eat on my 20th Leap Year birthday, what else is there for me to do?!?!? LOL

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