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LGBT gaming characters…we do exist, you know!

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Hi all,
Well, when I get a little downtime, I love to create a f
When I played Sims, I created an LGBT town! What do you think about Nindtendo's decision to not include same-sex relationship options in their upcoming western release of Tomodachi Life?


I did a similar thing when I played the Sims - made the male ones I liked the look of gay, and made them fall in love with a Sim I'd created of the guy at school I had a crush on at the time, or the two guys I had a crush on became Sims and fell in love with each other (words cannot describe how sad I now realise I was).

As for Nintendo deciding not to include same-sex relationship options in Tomodachi Life, I think it's pretty poor as it's supposed to be a life simulation game. I love how Nintendo said they didn't want to "make a social commentary by including same-sex relationships" in an attempt to get out of directly addressing the issue, but I think they failed to realise that in doing so, they're subconsciously/subtly/whatever the word I'm looking for is, re-enforcing the idea that heterosexuality is normal and any other form of sexuality is not.

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