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Gay teen kicked from home sends funds raised online to finance LGBT homeless shelter

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Agree, great story. Totally inspiring and a completely selfless act! I'm shocked though about the percentage of teens kicked out in that part of the world. Sad.

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This emotional response by a straight vblogger to a similar story will hopefully get some minds thinking!


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OMG! I saw that video and I was so livid that I just can not find the words to express myself. If you listen to the video she said "that she knew he was gay all along." If she knew.., then it was not his choice to be gay he was born that way. Sometimes people say things without thinking it through. I could feel the pain coming from Daniel the way he was treated (yelled at and was beaten by his own mother). A mother who by all means is suppose to protect her kid(s) from harm whether emotional, mental and physical. I see nothing here but the sound of hate coming from her voice. I"m so happy he got out of there and the pouring for love and support from strangers is beyond belief. You are amazing Daniel. We all love you and support you.