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Celebrities have to eat and many find it easier to just go to a restaurant. They do open themselves to ‘fans’ annoying them while they are eating but most stars will be gracious and some fans will respect their privacy when out in public.
I was working at The Crabhouse in Plantation, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, when one evening Queen Latifah and her family, a party of 10, came in. Though she was known it was mainly as a rapper and this restaurant catered to an older crowd so most really didn’t know who she was. This was before “Chicago”, her money making movies and now her talk show. It was the help--the waiters, waitresses, bartenders, busboys, cooks, managers--who knew who she was and found some excuse to go to the table. She was aware what was going on said very nicely that if we would all let her eat in peace she would be more than glad to talk to all of us afterwards. She ate in peace and talked to any of us who wanted to talk to her. By the way she was a good tipper!
Ozzie Wheaton is a vocalist mainly known in the South. A good looking guy who always was a big hit at my Wednesday meetings. I have his autographed picture on my wall and though we haven’t seen or spoken to each other in quite awhile I follow his career on face book.
I had corresponded with George Chauncey (he has since dropped the junior) before I met him in New York when he wanted to interview me for what would become his best seller “Gay New York”. I am quoted extensively in the book but I really pissed him off by showing up for dinner at Marchi’s with Robert Lee Chu, who I had met earlier that day and we had hit it off so I asked him to join us. Won’t get in to it but all of a sudden George remembered something he had to do with his lover, at the time, and he rudely got up and left. Well maybe I was rude in bringing along a stranger. :O) I believe George is now on the faculty of Yale University and I have no idea what happened to Robert!
There are many more celebrities I can name drop from jazz singer June Christy who sang with Stan Kenton, Leslie Uggams, Pete Rugolo and even Jean Nidetch, one of the founders of Weight Watchers, who I have written about before and others I have waited on but I just want to mention two more in Part 5.

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