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Trouble Finding a Girlfriend?.. - Love and Romance

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the gender may matter less (doesnt mean that is not important) but to me loving and being loved are way more important.

To me, how I and the other feel about each other, how much we are attracted to each other ... and more .. these mean more than just grouping into two genders...

Now I don't have any but before when I was with ex girfriend (she...), I was so happy, and that happiness is not something I would compare with things I had with my ex boyfriend (still... English is not my mother tongue, is there other words for it.. girl boy..?). Because those are dififerent not by level, but by memory and our feelings we shared are unique in different way.

But anyway... I really agree with Tracy... surely there is someone out there for me, but most of time, I can't find one... Now rarely I have doubt.. is there really someone for me?


Greamy .. i love your description. YOu are right, when you found the true gf to be with, the feelings that you share with her is total different to the type of feelings whenever with a guy. I've dated guy b4, and they never make my heart beats more than normal heartbeat pulse. But whenever I date a girl, or going out with a girl that i like ... gosh .. i was so nervous and excited. Just thinking of the date with the girl that I like, makes my heartbeat racing ..... the feeling ... is TOTAL DIFFERENT !!!

Kimberley .. u r wrong, I do initiate a breakoff with my previous gf. Dating her for 2 yrs, and b4 the relationship turns sour, i just told her it is best we breakoff, before we start to throw nasty words at each other. She took the breakoff badly and start to spread rumours everywhere that I am a heartbreaker .... anyhow, that is "history"

Sarah .. dun be sad .. some ppl just cannot accept gals that look almost like guy. They see your pics, they hide away ... I know how you felt, cause I've gone thru few rejections of this kind. Dun worry, as the phylosopher says, FATE will bring that someone to you when you least expecting.

psst ... i am still waiting for the right person to come knocking on my doorstep .... lolz ... any volunteer out there .... *wink*


psst.......hey Joni, i'll come a knocking!!! ;-)


Eli dear ....welcome welcome .....