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Being gay and getting and keeping our jobs!

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Hi there,
So I was thinking, even though I live in a country where I can legally get married, my girlfriend worries about being out when she goes for a job interview…yep despite the laws, not everyone thinks it’s right for gays to marry…or be gay! So I was thinking, if you had the power to choose one of these two, which would you choose:
- Legal right to not be fired from your job for being LGBT
- Legal right for all to marry
Pick one, and explain your choice.

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Maybe I will choose two.


I would definitely choose both...but let's say we could only lobby for one at a time...which would you pick first?


I'm really struggling to pick one over the other. I was working on my argument in favour of the legal right not to lose your job. Then I realised that marriage equality is more important because marriage should be between two consenting adults, regardless of gender identity or sexuality. You can't help who you fall in love with, but you can choose who you want to disclose your sexuality to. I havent told my employer as quite frankly, it's none of their business. The only people at work who know about my sexuality are the other two people in my department and I'm happy with that.


Personally, I'd choose my job security, but that's just for me and how I feel about marriage. Of course, in a perfect world, I'd choose both, of course. I just think it's important to be able to provide and have that security that, no matter what, someone shouldn't be denied money –– and by extension, their livelihood and way of making ends meet (food, rent, transportation, medical care, etc.) –– because of their sexual orientation. Some jobs provide medical insurance, and just because you're gay doesn't mean you should be denied medical care or struggle to afford treatment. Job security is crucial, and while I, obviously, would fight for both, that wins out for me.

  1. I would choose marry. They will always find a way to fire you, if not gay ....If one is fat, or your boss just doesn't like your ass

I would pick legal  to marry. The other came come later and, frankly, would be hard to enforce since I agree with Vicsmly, they can always find a reason to fire you.