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Are you an undercover activist?

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Hello everyone,
Sometimes, I’m just plain against some things that would probably have my friends saying “really!?” For example, labelling kids with learning disabilities, when the disability lies with the education system! What would you stand for if you knew no one would judge you?


I would campaign for grammar to be brought back into the teaching of English in UK schools. I learnt more about English grammar through doing German, French and Spanish than I ever did in an English lesson. I think the SQA (the exam board in Scotland) and the equivalent in England made a big mistake in trying to be "cool" and "down with the kids" by trying to make English a "more creative" subject. Now these same exam boards are gurning (sorry, moaning) about the fact that there are now generations of school leavers unable to string together a grammatically coherent sentence, plus or minus the use of text speech and emoticons.

The only grammar I ever remember getting in English at school was "English has 3 tenses - past, present and future," which is a load of nonsense. I would continue, but am aware that I will bore people to death if I start a rant.