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Sure keep on telling me how far we have come!
I came out when I was 12, in 1948,and at 16 became an activist and now 62 years later I am still out there hoping to make things better for the next generation.
Though many things have changed for Gay people there is still a lot to be done. People are still fired from jobs for being gay or denied housing and, in many cases, denied rights that a nongay person has.
The hardest thing to deal with is the bashing of Gay people and, in many cases, killing them.
The YouTube video takes place in Russia but it is happening all over the world and it is reflected in posts about gay people.
Yes the new Catholic pope has been saying kind things about and to Gay people but his priests still preach hate in the pulpits on Sunday mornings. Gay kids are bullied in schools and teaches turn their backs to them.
It is no secret that parents teach hate towards many different groups and as Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote in a song for their show “South Pacific” “You’ve Got To Be Taught” over 50 years ago and is still relevant today.
For those who think your country is better than what is portrayed in this video look around, do research, see what is happening and how YOU are doing nothing to help!


Thanks for this Brave-Heart. It's truly heartbreaking that this still goes on. It's so easy to forget when living in big cities, here in Barcelona I feel a lot more comfortable than in my native England. Even though things have progressed a lot, holding hands or being affectionate in the street here is a lot more accepted than when I was living in Brighton (probably the most gay-friendly city in England!) There's still a lot more to do... everywhere.


I live in Bournemouth, England, a very accepting town if ever there is one, and on several occasions I have been cycling along the beach front and seen guys holding hands. Sadly, the beach front and town center are likely the only places I would do so comfortably if I had someone's hand to hold. The various housing estates and suburbs I think would have an entirely different reaction.


Wow after watching that video I just got a knot in my stomach, angry, sad and it brought tears to my eyes. Its almost like reliving medieval times instead of witch, religion hunt now is gay hunt. Where I live their tolerant of gays but there are few stares of hate and I've seen people actually get out of their seat if they see a gay couple having their arms around their shoulders but not showing any POD and move to another seating area. This is going to be an never ending battle.

I've said this again and I'll say it again "children are not born to hate, they are taught to hate at home from their parents or relatives who are supposedly be their nurturer, role model and to be taught right from wrong and the only thing to break this cycle is for them to get to know the person or have a strong mind and heart not to follow what their parents or relatives want them too."

Great post Brave_Heart. BTW Aaron I wouldn't mind holding your hand any day, any where, any time.

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