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As I wrote in a previous blog I didn’t always listen to what my parents said nor did I usually do what they said to do but when they advised me not to discuss religion or politics with anyone I took that to heart.

It is easy for me to NOT talk about religion but when it comes to politics it is another story. I do try to stay out of ‘party’ fights though when any POTUS is insulted I will say something. Which party I belong to isn’t relevant to anything and how I vote is my secret and my right to keep it secret.

The problem I have with politics is that I have been a gay activist since I was 16 and after 62 years I know fighting for equal rights is political. I also know that many people out there want gay people to disappear, don’t deserve any rights and have stereotyped ideas of gay people. I know gay people are being beaten, bullied and killed just because they are gay.

I read posts by people who live in the Philippines and I see they are where the USA was in the 1950s and 1960s. They are anti-gay unless you are a feminine man then it is okay. It is hard for me to stay silent when I read garbage like that because I know there is a young Pilipino reading that post and hurting.

I don’t see discrimination as a conservative or liberal problem but as a humane problem that people don’t care who they hurt and attack.

I am secure enough in my masculinity that I don’t have to wear a sign around my neck proclaiming that I am gay but I am not shy about it either. I will NOT stand by when you tell a stupid/hateful gay joke or laugh at one. I will not stay silent when a gay person is discriminated against.

For over 25 years I have been working with teenagers who are HIV+ and/or have AIDS. They have been thrown out of their homes, bullied and beaten in school and they hear their church leaders condemning them and they are eventually on the streets prostituting themselves for a bite to eat, a floor to sleep on or a place to take a shower. They are abused by adults and tossed aside when finished with. They come to us to die and many do until I can’t stay silent, until I have no choice but to get political.

Our organization fights for clothes, beds, food but most of all life saving medicine that the USA sends overseas while their own citizens are deprived of the same and die in our arms.

No I won’t fight Democrat against Republican, conservative against liberal, the haves and the have nots but I will rail against all of them for not caring for children who are seen as disposable by them.

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I think the real "macho men" should talk politics. It might be Gay-related, or not.

What are Russia's and Putin's hidden plans, for example? While the West expected more forceful action in Ukraine, and even some feared the security of the Baltic countries, we see a bold step of Putin in completely another direction - Turkey.

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Putin: Missile shield deployment in Europe threatens US itself


This is a gay site--why not talk about Putin and his antigay laws?
I am sorry but IF YOU want to discuss politics---I don't and won't--go to a political site or if you want to be political here discuss gay politics--there sure is enough to discuss! :O)


OK I understand, sorry. May be I should read the FAQ first.
Putin's gay politics deserves interest. And it may be changing by the way. He hugged someone in Sochi.


So he hugged someone--so what? Was that before he had the guy imprisoned? Many men in Russia, and other countries, hug when they meet but that doesn't mean they are Gay.


Hehe. I don't intend to defend Putin's position on the gays' rights. Simply he hugged one US athlete who was known to be openly gay (can't say the name).


how are you doing my friend ?

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