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one night stands and everything else!! - Love and Romance

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I have been dealing with women who dont get that a one night stand is just exactly that, why do I feel compelled to give someone my number after sex, i mean of course im opening myself up from all kinds of problems but i can not help it..and now i'm getting involved in repeat encounters with women i dont really wanna see again lol..it's me it so is i mean saying no to sex is a ..well its complicated but now i see that what i really need is a girlfriend and no ..none of my one night stands are girlfriend material..
When i;m out with friends i mostly always end up coming home with someone and sometimes i feel like i'm quite addicted 2 one nighter's and its doing my head in cos i know i want a girlfriend but finding a mate is alot more difficult than just going out and pulling. What is wrong with me..seriously am i as nutty as i'm beginning to sound.


no thats completly reasonable. people need to understand that a lot of the time one night stads are just for one night... its in the goddam title lol if you dont want to see them again, just explain that you werent looking for anything other than a one nighter. they would probably understand. and if you feel like you might be depending on one nighters too much, take a break for a bit, and try focousing on yourself, the right person will come along when you least suspect it xx


Hey Zoey...nothing wrong with you... you are not in for a relationship as of yet....one nite stands is that...sometimes it is for the weekend ...grins but that's it...be straight and honest with them and say hey I'm just looking for one nite stand nothing else....and if you are going for the sex first to see if they are girlfriend material...maybe that's what is wrong with your approach.....one nite is ... love 'em and leave 'em.....if you want a relationship then maybe that's what is messing with your head... just being true to yourself...


I agree with Naomi and Paulette - just be upfront with them and tell them it is only for that nite or that weekend. I would think most woman would rather have the honesty and the truth up front then a bunch of lies.


I agree with them just tell them the truth if they don't understand then leave them alone.


Nothing wrong with you. As long as you are clear with whom you are with that this is just for tonight, should they have expectations the next morning you just need to restate your position and leave it be.

If you are looking for a girlfriend, yes, it does take more effort and is more complex. One night stands are just sex. Building a foundation for a relationship takes time, effort, getting in touch with yourself about what you want in a girlfriend. Finding someone compatable with what you need and want and taking the time to sort through people until you find a match.

I wish you much luck!