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I was a professional server (in those days it was waiters and waitresses) for 38 years staring in an Italian restaurant (Piccolo’s on Miami Beach) and ending in an Italian restaurant (Big Louie’s in Fort Lauderdale) working in coffee and bagel shops, delis (the hardest job) to 5 star restaurants (4 Seasons in New York) and everything and anything in-between. I loved being a waiter but more than that I loved eating out and being waited on.

As a past server I usually over tip and though I am not really critical I do look for certain things to be done and if they aren’t the least I will leave is a 15% tip--oh yes, including tip and tax as I thought doing otherwise was cheap--but that’s another blog.

Though I am inclined to like Italian food I also love trying new restaurants and foods I haven’t had before. I usually eat out on Thursdays and Fridays, the former the ‘better’ restaurants and the latter the, well let’s just say ‘cheap’ restaurants, usually fast food, but there really isn’t a ‘cheap’ restaurant that I know. Eating out is costly so I depend on groupons or going to restaurant web sites and getting ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ coupons.

To give you an idea--and I have reviewed most of them here--I have eaten at the following places, just to name a few, in the past couple of months:

Café Vico (Italian), Gyroville (Greek), Brazilian Restaurant, (a buffet), Subway (fast food subs), Michael’s Café (American), Tarpon Bend (American), Italio (Italian), Sea Deck (beach tourist restaurant), Sunrise Tequila (Mexican), Dubliner (Irish), Public House (American), Pomp dale’s (NY deli), Quarterdeck (American), Smokey Bones (BBQ), Tropical Smoothie (smoothies and wraps) and The Tropical Café (Cuban).

Today I took Allen out for his birthday and we went to a new place The Oaki Steakhouse (Asian Cuisine) and the sort of place I hate because I couldn’t find a thing wrong!!!! I will post a review over the weekend.

Looking ahead we will be going to a new restaurant on/near the beach at Lauderhill-on the-Sea which specializes in sea food.

One of the joys of living in Fort Lauderdale are the restaurants, a lot of family restaurants, from every country in the world and I know the Martians will open their first restaurant here!

Come on down and we will go out for a bite to eat--your choice!


Oh my! Guess who's hungry now!?!? Absolutely loved this post...and I think it's normal to overtip when you work in the same industry (or have worked!).

Yes, I did wonder why it's called Server instead of Waiter/Waitress...I used to love waitressing (although I only did it briefly!).

Tell me, why was working in Delis the hardest?


Depending on which meal there are a lot of extras--whether it is what kind of 50 different bagels or putting and refilling cole slaw and pickles on table--that make for a lot of sidework! LOL


Whoa! It seem very good. Thanks for sharing^^


Hey All,

Coming from the biz.( Known as the back of the house) I also sometime over tip. Specially if it is slow that day. Tipping is a good chunk of the salary. It is just knowing the way it works. I just put on a happy and say THANK YOU.

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