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i'm scared and I need advice..

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This last week I've been feeling under the weather. Just last weekend on sunday I went out to eat with friends. We ate at a CiCi's restraunt and I had a whole plate of food such as; 3 slices of their pizza, 2 apple crumble slices, 3 cheese sticks and 3 cinnamon rolls. the next day, I felt sick as a dog. my symptoms were nausea and diaherra however I have not vomited thus far, I've felt better since then but I also worry I may have AIDS. not from the food but from a friend I had sex with last month. He said he was clean after his mother took him for an AIDS test recently and he usually only has sex with virgins, one of whom is his girlfriend (yes, he's straight) but I didn't take his word for it. Another friend of mine whose had sex with him has also reassured me that he is fine and that I shouldn't worry but I still am terrified. I plan to try and see a Doctor this coming week but at the moment I am going crazy with worry and fear and having trouble sleeping. I am feeling better since Monday when I felt sick but I still experience slight diahrrea but only for very shot periods and haven't had a normal bowel movement even though I'm drinking water and eating more fiber.. if anyone has advice or has experienced anything similar to me, I would be grateful for the help and peace of mind..

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It could be a number of things as nausea and/or diarrhoea are symptoms of a lot of conditions. It could be food poisoning, gastritis, stomach bug, or similarly it could be a lactose/dairy intolerance which has just decided to rear it's head, or simply eating too much fatty food. It's better to go to the doctor as (s)he will be better able to find out what's wrong. With regards to AIDS, bring it up with the doctor and get tested for it as the sooner you find out one way or the other, the better.

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