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Do you worry about being gay and getting older?

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I think age is just a number and don't really worry about getting gay and older, but the older sections of the LGBT community are so often overlooked in a scene where youth is embraced. How do you feel about getting older?


I don't worry about this at all. Though I can understand why some would be.
But I think more than getting old, the main thing that most gays think of when aging is if we will grow old...alone.
And that is scary though not something totally always possible for single lgbt pipz.


Sometimes I do worry about ending up alone, but I suppose it's better to be alone than with someone who's not right for me. Through my experience of the older men I've encountered (basing it on here as I'm not a scene person), some give me the impression that I should be grateful for the attention, some tend to be a bit on the pervy side, and then there's the odd one or two that are fine with the fact that I'm not interested in being with an older man and accept the fact I'd rather be friends with them. I know that there's guys out there my age who are interested in dating older men; there is really two sides to the age thing. I know what I've said will kick up a huge stink and people will disagree with me/hate me for saying it, but there's no denying my experience.


I am Gay and I am Old and I love it!!! Except I have always gone for older men so my field is a lot smaller. Calvin I love you but only young people say 'age is just a number' or 'You are only as old as you feel'--wait until you have to egt your OLD body out of bed in the morning or after sex! LOL


John_Thain At 40 after 4 exes I realized that I am better off alone--I have now been alone for over 30 years BUT I can honestly say I have never been lonely--I have friends who mean more to me than anyone can :O)
Why would what you said kick up a fuss? In the area I live in OLD men are considered a premium and NOT for money!


I'm older and look by on line to have love.


by the way guys I am coming upto 50 next year, even though I am now 49 years old, I have got loads of guys after me and also I go on;line alot and I mange to find the right guys for me


Getting old is a beautiful thing. The young just think it is all wrinkly and doesn't work anymore.


Getting old is part of life. I do not mine getting old.
Can learn a lot from those that have been around.

Best to all.


You're right Calvin. Age is just a number that doesn't really say much about a person, but a number can leave some people with
a very wrong impression about who and how a person really is. Most people who know me take me to be between 55 and 60. With people who don't know me, I usually give a number like 101 that tells people to not pay too much attention to the number. Because Gays.com won't let me be 101, my profile says that I'm 16. Same principle; the numbers are not reliable; don't pay too much attention to them.


It definately doesn't worry me, I do have the ideological life image that I'll finally meet that best girlfriend & spend the rest of our days together - however I won't be a sad old spinster... I enjoy being on my own & the easyness that brings and so if I don't meet mrs right I won't be lost - well at least I hope do anyway!


I don't worry about getting older or being gay and old, I'm just me..get to know me, like me, love me and be a friend or that someone special and I will do the same.