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When does a ‘special effect’ stop being special? The first time Jennifer Lawrence as a blue lady, “X-MEN: DAY OF FUTURE PAST”, turns into a male soldier it is a special effect and then when she turns into a beautiful woman it is special but the twentieth time she morphs into another person it isn’t special anymore.

When Hugh Jackman steps out of bed and shows full male back nudity that is special and may have an effect on the audience but it happens only one time making it a ‘special effect’. Michael Fassbinder, who hasn’t been shy when it comes to full frontal nudity in other films, stays dressed in this one and the first time he puts on his helmet and suspends everyone, and everything, in the air it is a special effect but the 4th or 5th it is a “So what?” Are Jackman’s ‘nails’ surprising anymore?

Is it surprising that the White House takes a battering or panes of glass of are smashed robot like transformers walk around killing people? I didn’t think so. How many mutant X-Men and X-Women are too many? Or do you just stop talking after Wolverine (Jackman), Mystique (Lawrence), Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page), Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), Storm (Halle Berry) Magneto (Ian McKellan future, Fassbender past) Professor X (Patrick Stewart Future, James McAvoy past), Blink (Fan Bingbing), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Quicksilver (Evan Peters), Rogue (Anna Paquin) or the 50th X-Men or is it when you suspect Richard Nixon (Mark Camacho) might be a mutant?

There are as many story lines (screenplay by Simon Kinberg, story by Jane Goldman, Mattew Vaughn and Kinberg) as there are X-Men, X-Women and mutants but all are easy to follow, if you are interested in following any of them. Director Bryan Singer keeps the 2 hour, 11 minute movie going at a fast pace with all the special effects.

It is easy to see that paying the extra dollars to see it at IMAX and 3 D would probably be worth the money but, as far as I am concerned, this is my last foray into Marvel comic movies and other films that are mainly special effects that stop being special.


First she's not a blue lady. Her name is Mystique. And that's her power. To look,sound and even copy Dna. If you had read the comic books or the cartoon maybe you wouldn't be so critical and understand what's going on. It's clear you don't get what the x-men are or what abilities their are. They are a group of people with special powers. What type of movie were you hoping for? One with half naked men just talking. It's an action flick so being as such and them having powers what are they to do? use their powers once and throw rocks the rest of the time. Again, before you see another super hero movie read the books


IF you read my review you would see "Jennifer Lawrence as a blue lady, " That is A not the plus I write IN THE REVIEW " Mystique (Lawrence), "
This is NOT my type of movie--I would rather have seen The Immigrant or Chef-- it was Allen's choice--I didn't like Spiderman nor will I go to see Godzilla.
Nothing wrong with it but I never read comices--as a kid or adult.
Amnd did you have to post it 4 times??? Have you seen teh movie? Probably not but if you did write your own review--THIS is MY opinion.


Yes, Mystique is blue. No I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going because I'm an x-man fan. And I'm buying it when it comes on blue ray. And I did read your review and it shows you have no clue what the x-men or super hero movies are about . Your review made it sound like the dumbest movie on the plant. And by the way rather I've seen the movie or not I would expect nothing less than special affects and they better be good


Enjoy it but don't put me down if I didn't---I am not into those type of movies and the effects would have to wow! me like seeing Gravity in 3D did and these just became repititious!!!
No need to be rude because our opinions differ especially since you didn't see the movie yet! You obviously will like it so enjoy it.


I don't think I was rude. If it came across they way whatever. You can say what you feel. To me gravity is a stupid movie like space odyssey was stupid but I'm not going around acting like some movie critic putting it down


Paul I am not 'acting' like some critic---I am---and I get paid for my reviews from 2 newspapers and 3 web sites.
You sound like a 15 year old who lost his favorite teddy bear.

Gravity was a GREAT movie solely due to its special effects in3D--seenona TV screen it is a 'stupid' movie.

And if you are old enough to have seen the original Spce Odyssey that meant you were 'high' while watching it in the theatre and it became a 'great' movie

Obviously you and I don't agree on this which is fine so say what you will and I won't respond as it is useless.

I have it futile to have conversations here which is why I very seldom if ever respond to comments made to me and after reading some of the comments from you on your profile page like 'if I was a thin white boy...' explains why as YOU say people find you boring.

Have a good life and ignorte me. :O)


@Martin keep up with the reviews....I don't get out to the movies much and I like (at times) some of your reviews....And I will tell you that I said at times because some at a little to long..but I just guess that is the only way to tell the story of the movie...

@ Paul This is the last time I am going to tell you about how you speak to people on here...Yes you have a opinion and can say what you want about the review but I will not allow you to put someone down about the discussion that they start..and if you like facebook so much then why not just use facebook to talk to people since you have said that you have so many friends on there....