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So hey guys, This year has really hit me hard, and i am just looking for some people to connect with or who can relate to what i am going through right now....So my parents had gotten a divorce, My grandpa had passed away right before my moms birthday..i witnessed it and..it was tough. My fiance has left me..and my mom is going kick me out pretty soon..so i could use the friends, because i really don't have any. Just someone to talk too, So that i don't have to think of what's going to happen and what i am going to have to do about it yet. So don't be shy and talk lol 17 year old here (:


Hi Alden
I've had a bad few years myself - I'm told there's always somebody worse off !! I now I believe so :-( Sympathy is all good & well - I'm offering my support (if I'm able to) - any questions, just ask! Stay strong, do what needs doing - then start to build yourself up again.
I wish you well & really hope thing get better. I have a list of bad things also........
But- sure we can work them all out !!
Take care. :-)


Hey Alden I hope u get better soon... I offer u my support... Keep strong; believe u are the most important person in life, don't wait a lot from people, work hard, change your life, do something different, do things for u...
I'm here,
Adriano Ayres


sob2 sorry to hear that Alden....but it's ok life is ebb and flow sometimes things does not turn out as we expect and sometimes things work out more better so never worry for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself...i pray that everything turn out more better in future....Keep going strong i am with you....With HUgs & XOXO YAng KAmei


Hi Alden. Life can be a bitch sometimes. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through some tough times. Loss of family is never easy and we don't know how we will react until it happens. Just try to be honest with yourself about your feelings. It's okay to express your feelings. I've experienced a lot in my 63 years so if I can be of any help I'm a good listener and very honest in giving support and advice. Message me anytime. Take care.



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