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You have never seen an ‘event’ like the “Blue Man Group”, that was started 27 years ago off-Broadway and has since gone global. It is a combination of music, satire, humor, a rock concert, modern art, strobe lights, special effects and modern technology all rolled into one.

Audience participation is an important aspect of the show whether it is getting them up to ‘shake their booty’ or pushing giant colored balloons all over the auditorium. In the middle of the show the three Blue Men, Mike Brown, Benjamin Forster and Scott Speiser, come into the audience to bring, in this case, a woman on stage to dine on Twinkies and in another case a young man who they put in a jump suit to use his body to make a painting.

There are liquids all over the place, used for various reasons in various ways, not to mention string confetti falling from the ceiling and the first 3 rows in the orchestra provided with panchos, just in case. Some of the funniest lines are before the show starts when signs on each side of the stage have running messages. By the way the three blue men never talk but they sure can catch food in mid-air!.

Whether it is setting a camera on someone who has come in late for the performance and being taunted with “You are late. You should have been here 20 minutes ago,” until they get to their seats or taking a live oral exam with a camera, for everyone to see, of an front seat audience member or climbing the back of seats up to the boxes you never know what to expect from the Blue Man Group.

There are 8 actors in the Blue Man Group plus 8 musicians, the latter mainly dressed in skeleton outfits, and, as fast as technology is growing, I am sure the show will be as different in 27 years as it was 27 years ago.

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