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I'm so happy for Michael Sam. I juss wish people would stop judging him and showing him sympathy because of his sexual orientation. Like as a fellow football player I understand where he's coming from. Judge me based off of what I do on the field and how I treat others around me. Don't refrence me only as "The First Openly Gay Football Player" in the NFL, refrence me as "One of the hardest working and greatest players to ever play in the NFL" Juss sayin.


Very true. In an ideal world, the term "gay" as a reference to sexuality wouldn't exist. It shouldn't matter that we are under this "label"; we should just be regarded and interact with others as just other people in society.

Having said that, we need to be strong in fighting for equality in society worldwide, and by doing that, we need to eliminate stereotypes, and sport is a novel way in which to do this


I think they need to stop making a big deal about "gay". Yes, I am happy for him, but how about cheering for them based on skills?


besides, there have been so many gay men involved in NFL, but they kept it quiet until they retired. I bet there is a lot more than towel snapping happening in those lockers (and this is by the STRAIGHTS)