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“Fading Gigolo” has Sharon Stone, crossing and uncrossing her legs in a very short skirt--anyone remember “Basic Instinct”?--along with Sofia Vergara showing ALL her assets. It has a threesome between the two women and John Turturro, who also directed and wrote the screenplay, and a gigolo (Turturro) along with a pimp, the latter being Woody Allen. With all this you would expect a lot of sex or what goes on behind the ‘business’ but the sexist scene is a kiss in a park in Brooklyn with Turturro giving the kiss. (Hey he wrote, directed, stars in the film--he can do whatever he wants!)

Hidden in all this is a sweet love story triangle between Fioravante/Virgil (Turturro), Avigal (Vanessa Paradis) and Dovi ((Liev Schreiber). Avigal has been a Hasidic widow for 2 years, is the mother of 6 children and is in a religious Jewish sect where women are invisible. Dovi is an officer in a Brooklyn Hasidic neighbor watch with special cars and uniforms who has loved Avigal for years but it is Fioravante who brings her alive with innocent touches and that kiss.

The setup of Turturro and Allen as gigolo and pimp is quickly set up but really isn’t necessary to the film except with Stone and Vergara added to that part of the story extends the film long enough to be a featured film. Whether Turturro would be considered sexy enough to be a gigolo, get paid $1,000 and get Stone plus Vergara I’ll leave up to you. He is sweet enough to get Paradis’s attention.

Vanessa Paradis steals the movie from all with Liev Schreiber as the sincere suitor who doesn’t know how to approach the woman he loves.

Instead of the whole ‘sex for sale’ idea if more time had been spent on defining how a ‘trial’ can be held and the procedure that takes place, along with explaining more of Avigal’s life it would have been a better film.

This is a small ‘independent’ ‘art’ film that shows a woman becoming alive because she receives attention that she had never gotten even with 6 kids. It might also spark more interest in the Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn.

“Fading Gigolo” is a film that would be better being seen on the small screen but should be seen on a movie screen to see Vanessa Paradis’s face and acting!

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