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Ailean is the new group owner! - Lesbian Ladies

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Dear Group Members,
The former owner of this group has left, which made it possible for any members of this group to become the new group owner. I have taken on this responsibility and am now the owner and first admin. I hope you continue to enjoy the conversations here, and will try to serve this group as well as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks, Ailean


No change at the moment girls,but this used to be tonia's group as well as carols group, unfortunately there not here, be nice if they came back.
If anything was changed it would be the name to "womens tent" in Newcastle uk there is a nice girl group and its for women, no gay or cisgender,or bi guys allowed, except for eric zheng after all girls he is only there to help just as i am. Ailean.