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Being Gay & having a Fetish - Gay Guys! <3

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Hy me 21 top.i.have nice dick . add me on skype to.see my dick .



I have a three of fetishes, Love to be pissed on, before during and after sex.

Love cruising for sex and being fucked out doors. Always a chance of some one(s) walking up on me while I, being banged and they join in

Last, speakin of which above. I love to be tagged teamed in a group setting with all the above. Does this make me a whore, Yup and I'm dayummm proud of it


Hey Tim! It's good that you've been brave enough to tell us your fetish! I kinda have two. One is a cum fetish, and another is horses! I don't know why but they turn me on! (Along with hot gay guys of course!) is that fetish normal?



I'm not sure if it's a fetish but I get really really horny to the thought even of a man's crotch


I have a thong fetish and a fetish for showing off my ass


I am so glad this topic has been brought up as my first time was with a VERY LARGE older Bear and he showed me what its like to be truly filled by a big cock. So since then I have had the desire to be filled and stretched which has led me to large toys and recently I met a friend that is into fisting.  I really like fisting a lot and so enjoy the feeling of being filled by a fist. Hope this isnt too weird but it is a fetish that I am into.