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One direction - Gay Guys! <3

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I like music, but NOT 1D. I was a Scissor Sisters fan. also like Gaga, Adam Lambert, Karmin, Cher, and almost anything but RAP!


Are you aware there are or were 2 bands with that name, one in the San Francisco area and the other in the UK? When the UK band became popular the virtually unknown USA band tried to sue over name infringement but it got all settled tho I don't know the details. The UK band is one of the better boy bands and despite what he says I think Harry Styles is gay. Too much of his persona tells me this.


Well, of course he is gay, the name just reeks gay.
and so now............

Jerry yes I am really into music, pretty much all genres. So what did you have in mind, I am not a directioner, I am wondering if you are referring to director. However be that as it may, what it is that you have in mind. Jimmy


Hi Clay
First I like to welcome you to the group and the site...I like most music but rap..and I listen too country more then anything..


I frikin' love music. Here's a couple of links to my music sites.:

Hope you like

I've seen music do some amazing things for people. Especially for folks with developmental disabilities.


I do some radio work and it is a big help to people with ADD and other disabilities. I am not in any way saying Jerry has any of these... Just offering as info.