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We all seem a lil quiet... - Gay Guys! <3

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So here I am with three weeks off for Easter and no one seems to be very talkative...
It seems when I'm busy in University all the drama happens and when I'm off everything calms down!
That wasn't an excuse to start fighting btw!
Someone TALK! Ether on here or message me, it seems that this site is getting more and more quiet each day! Lets liven it up a bit!


i will chat with you . I am still trying to get your book but have to wait for my social security lol. Is it sci fi or just regular fiction?


HI ya!!!


I always check my mail daily. What would you like to discuss?
I don't want you to be lonely! lol


Hey Terry, Elementus: Rising Dawn is a Sci-Fi adventure book, it features a bit of everything, drama, shocks, heartache, even a light gay romance brews in the book, however, I not once do I use the word 'gay, bi or straight' and no-one 'comes out' because I want people to realise that we shouldn't have to define ourselves by our sexuality because we're the same person, I just hope that the message comes across in the book.
It's also a trilogy, there are two more books to come, I'm currently writing the second one which will be called Elementus: Darkest Hour. I hope you enjoy the book

Hey Paul, it's getting pretty late here now, being 11:35pm - I'll be off to bed soon, hopefully we can discuss something tomorrow.

Speak soon guys!


Sounds good, where can I find a copy?


Sorry Richard, guess just winding down after Uni!!