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In response to all the negative subject matter that has been swirling around... - Gay Guys! <3

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I am the bigger of the two and it matters not what it is about. But for the record I will remove myself from this site as I can no longer deal with the higher attitude that floats in the air like the smoke of an incense stick.

I have been pushed to the stress level that causes molecular destruction at the cell level. I wish the very best to all who come and to the most important ones the ones that I may have offended, only in the name of new members and the civil respect that gay men and women deserve.

So Mr. Scott Smith, I tried to help but alas to no avail. The one in question is still on board here, but let it not be said that I deserted the ship like a rat, Oh nothe rat is still on board. I will remove my account and profile in the morning so that all may read and be prepared for what mayt befall them, but just know it is not the site it is the ones who come to start trouble that cause this.


Jimmy-James H Wilson


Be who you are and say how you feel;
'cause those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.

-- Dr. Suess


so it looks like drama has cost us another member. I hope when the site gets retooled, actons against the troublemakers is swift and we don't lose anymore to stupidity.


I am group owner of this group and I have remove some people that I felt was causing problems..Once I remove them they can not come back..I have also reported same people for having to many acct with the site..Now I can not tell you what the site is going to do with said person but I do know that all but one of his profile has been deleted..again I can not talk for the site I can only ask them to take care of the matter..I have done all I can in my group that I can..

The rule I made when this group was started I will enforce all the way but I will warn first before removing anyone and I did just that..That is why the person who was starting it is now gone..

I can not stop you if you want to leave the site and the group but I can tell you that if there is anymore problems in my group I will always take care of the problem...

I will also deleted discussion that I feel is going to start problems like I did with one of yours..I hope that this helps you to think about going but that is up to you and no one else..

Hope to see you in discussion and if there is any thing that you wish to talk to me about please feel free to message me..

Thank you
Group owner
Meet & Greet team meamber

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