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What to do - Gay Guys! <3

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First let me state and explain that I have a big age problem. Meaning that I'm two years older then god and not to keen on dealing with guys younger. But now at 44 I have babies hitting on me. I'm flattered but not interested and don't want to hurt them so what is a nice sweet way to let them down. I'm of the mind that we don't have anything in common. We won't get each others jokes, music, or life experience. I was like this when I was young not really into men my age. I think part was do to the fact I was raised by an older person and around my aunt's friends. Sex is on thing. Hell, I'll slam you that's no problem but ask to build a life is another.


What I dislike about what you say is that it comes across to me as deeply patronising and demeaning. You may be more inclined towards LGBT who are your age or more but I don't see that that should warrant you judging and I think being insulting towards younger people.


Hello David Cloudesley,
Oh this is nothing, Really, Mr. Lewis was in on stirring the pot on another discussion similar to this. Only this time he, Mr. Lewis, is complaining not some one else and he, Mr. Lewis, is asking for help instead of giving out bad advise. Oh and I stand corrected his/her name I am guessing is Ms. Lewis, since is a lady and lives like a woman and expects a man to care and feed here and make all of the money bring home the bacon and he/she will cook it. Mind you this Ms. Lewis is not a drag queen,, is not a trans sexual, nor a trans gender, he is just quite confused and I feel he is trying to harm or do damage or cause the site to be void of people that want to be on here.
So please read the posts that have Scott, Ms. Lewis and I bantering and you will see just where he is going and coming from and what I am talking about. It really is rather.......hum......umm......uh how shall I put this with out sounding to rash..............Fucked up!

Jimmy or James H. Wilson


I'm not trying to come off like that . And I don't see how saying I don't feel I have anything in common with someone younger then me is judging anybody. And I don't live lady nor do I need any man to carry me. And why is it wrong to want to be more of a wifey in a relationship? And you and I have never spoke until now. What is wrong with letting a man rule the roost. What because my ideal,for me, is set in the Donna Reed area? What because I have a pole I'm to just be a man? And because I want that I should start wearing a dress or have a sex chance? So according to you two I should lead some young man on and have some 50/50 relationship to please the gay male world? Sorry I was doing it wrong. But it's ok if a woman wants to be a homemaker but not a man? I'm not stirring anything.


ARE YOU FUCKING BLOND? I would like to suggest that you go back and re read all of the thread yours, Scotts and mine in order and re think your words. You are so blind that you cannot see the forest for the trees, where you born in a cave, where you sheltered too much, were you not released out into the world until 4 days ago. You have insulted me and the ENTIRE Global GAY community and you honestly cannot see what it is you have so ignorantly stated. Come on Ms. Thing or Mary Louise get a fucking grip. grow up and see the world as it is. you may speak as much as you like but if you want to bash the entire GAY Society, you need to be able to handle it if you can dish and I do mean dish it out. Sorry, you, yes you are sorry, but that is a character flaw and right now we are discussing your twisted mind and flaming queen tongue. KNOCK IT OFF! DAMN IT. I am sick of your bs, and I am glad that I do not know you and you should be too. No on said anything about leading someone around by their nose nor do I care who you please except me. and you will never, So stop assuming that you could even begin to please the gay male world.
You say you are not trying to come of like that really just look at your photo,

Is that you, is that real,. is that Memorex. Who know and who cares. If , just if you respond to this, think twice about what you have to say. and pick and chose your words very carefully and wisely. BEcause I am locked and loaded. Rhetoric is out the door, I have battled with the best and won, so beware my not so young not so gay buy lady like woman like man gay man----watch it.


Mr. James H. Wilson that is my real picture and this is my real name. And not I will not show you my cock nor my ass. thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark, I had to laugh when you said you were older than god... and even 44 I, is a ripe old age.... lol
its amazing how just a small thing in some written text can became amusing


Guys I am going through a sex change also so dose that make goofy too?



I have something to say about the topic but y'all chanced the course to fight with each other. Mr Wolf is this how it works? Some one post a topic and it leads to this? It is really making me want to leave. How do you do it? How do you get out?


now now, James. I am a blond! lol I am male, born that way, staying that way. I have total respect to anyone going through changing. A friend of mine is going through it. (Just saying that to assure that I am not mocking anyone doing this). What I am sick of seeing in this and other sites are BLATANT fakes. My profile pic is real, my info is real. I have seen samples of some who come to this site, enter a discussion just to start drama. Next, they give the "I am leaving this site. I can't stand it anymore" speech, then as soon as their profile vanishes, another one appears with almost identical name, same birthdate, same city, and the same "I am new to the site..." speech. I am not calling out names (since in some cases there are many), but I think many of us here know who we are talking about... TO the legit new people, welcome to the site. We welcome all, but when you start up drama for no other reason than to be noticed, you become an unwelcome person.


Ok, with all that can we get back to the subject? Mark, all I can say is be up front. I get it but think about this. When you were young you said you didn't deal with people your age. They may feel the same. I usually do a five above five below. I don't think you were judging anyone. I think we all have that person in mind that we like. Not to piss anyone off but I don't date outside my race. I'm cool with everybody got many friends from every walk of life but I can't see myself disrespecting my race by having a relationship. Not saying is wrong just it's wrong for me. My grangran would roll over in her grave if I did. So, if you can't date a young person that's fine. Also I don't think you should be having sex cause feelings could get involve.


I think if you treat everyone with respect and honesty no matter what age things work out for themselfs


Mark I am even older than you if that's possible he he. I am interested in younger guys and I have a lot of guys over 50 messaging me, wanting to be friends, calling me dear and honey, whatever. I just say thanks but I'm interested in guys under 35. I hope you find what you're looking for. 99% of the guys will say ok, have a nice day and I don't hear from them again. You don't have to be rude or anything. Just be honest with them as Keith said above and everything will be cool and you won't have all the stress you seem to be putting on yourself. I have friends here over 50 but it's my choice. I hope you find a mate.


As someone who is 43, I try not to judge based on age. My main rule is be over 18. I find twinks to be all about themselves and their own body. 20-30 still have some vanity issues, but are more reserved with it. 30-40 start thinking about the other person. 40+ don't make physical appearance important. My only thing is have all the right parts in working order.