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first date? - Gay Guys! <3

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so i was on the live chat last night and the conversation came up about first dates, and most of them seemed to be all about hanging out just to be able to get laid that night. So, i ask you;

when was the first time you went on a date with someone and wouldnt mind whether you got laid or not?

this could have been your first date. you could have been HOPING for sex, might have even gotten sex. As long as the point of the date was to just be with that person because you really wanted to be with them instead of because you wanted in their pants.


My first date was when I was in University. The guy lived in the dorm where I lived and we talked a lot and he made it obvious he was interested in me. We went on a dinner, movie date and a few drinks after. We never got into each others pants that night but we did later on. I was happy we didn't on the first date as it made it a special occasion I can look back on now and enjoy the romance and the connection we made not the sex.