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Elementus: Rising Dawn OUT NOW! - Gay Guys! <3

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Well my book is out an available on Amazon
The UK Amazon is currently out if stock but the American Amazon still has them in stock!

Sadly there is no image available on both sites -.-

If you want your copy all you need to do is pop onto the Amazon that serves your country and pop in the search bar 'Elementus: Rising Dawn' you'll know you have the correct book is the author is R.D.Davies

Order yours now!


Thats great to hear. Whats it about?


Richard, Amazon UK has your book back in stock - paper version and Kindle version. I have just bought a Kindle version and will read it this week. Am ready for the excitement. Thanks so much. You are just the second published author that I have known! So well done ...


Daniel, sorry to be getting back to you so late, I've been incredibly busy with University!
Life in a little town of Wales is quiet and busy, until the crash of a meteorite changes everyone's life forever. Most residents develop strange powers, which eventually causes and all-out war where only the strongest will survive and the weak will die! However, that meteorite isn't all that it seems.

David, yes, I have just had a look and they seem to have finally received their stock and have also uploaded the book cover which is great news! Thank you for that! I hope you enjoy the book! Could you let me know what you think when you've finished it please? Feedback is so important to me and it'll help me get better!

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