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Busy, busy, busy! Oh my book is almost done! :O - Gay Guys! <3

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Well as the titles suggests I've been really busy studying (and seeing my boyfriend but that's another story!)

On Tuesday I will have been with my Jakey for a month! His real name is Jake but I always call him Jakey XD he's really camera shy but I'll get a picture with him soon XD

I rarely use my laptop, Dojo II, I'm not sure why, it's ether because I have an iPad Air that can basically do everything a laptop can or because this laptop has Windows 8.1 - which I'm currently in the process of getting rid of - These windows people are as thick as two short planks stuck together with stupid glue, there's less activity in their brain than in Cliff Richards underwear!
In other news we've had sunshine all week in Wales, but we've had fog pretty much every morning!

Going to Alton Towers in July and Jake's family have asked me to join them when they go abroad in the summer!

Now, onto the book, the cover is done, I'll be posting a picture on here in a bit, but it's a picture that I took using my phone because the file type won't upload unfortunately.
They're sending me the first draft book which will be here within the next 2 - 3 weeks so I'm super duper excited!!!

Yeah, that's my life in a nutshell right now!


Hey Richard, you sound really relaxed and happy with life. That's just brilliant. So glad to hear Jake and you are getting on so well and that the book is moving forwards. Is the book going to be published in paper or eBook? You must let us know when it's ready.

Agree with all you say about Windows (especially version 8!!) . I use an iPad too (only iPad 2, not Air!!! . ). They are brilliant and so quick to access everything.

Everything is going well round here. Very much in touch with other old friends from here. All is good. I am doing volunteer work one day a week with the Stonewall organisation in London. Done that for a year now, very interesting and I feel it's worthwhile.

Hope your Uni work is going well too. And have a good break over Easter.
Take care and lots of fun.


Hey David,

Thanks for that!

The book will be published in both eBook and paperback


What is the book about? Will it be available on this side of the pond? Oh and where is the vacation (Holiday in British)? Any chance you will be here in the USA?

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