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ATTN: No spammers allowed - Gay fans of Doctor Who

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I recently removed someone fro posting links to a spam site. Anyone caught posting a link to a spam site will be banned from this group (and any other group I am the moderator for) I saw this person posted in MANY groups the same message. I will excuse links to a legit site (a facebook page, a home page with NO fees to view, etc). I may delete the post, but spam sites are a ban...


recently someone by the name Suvahne Ravjee posted a spam link, and they are not out of the group, and I belive out of the entire site. Anothe rred flag about this person was the profile pic was a bikini clad girl, but it said they were a bisexual male. If anyone notices any other posts in this group that talk about making money and include a link, alert me immediately.