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Something to get of my mind. - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi everyone
I am a straight men (I think) But I want to experiment with a men. Just to know how it feels. I had a girlfriend for over three years, but that’s over for more than a year. We are still in contact and sometimes we have benefits. She knows that I want to try something with a men and is quit cool with that. (know the twisted part)
I went out this weekend with some friends. We drank quit a lot and my friends stayed over. My best friend (girl) and I slept in the same bed. (She also know what I want to try.) and she tells me that she wants me to be her first men. (she is 22!!) So we start doing stuff and she asked me if I had condoms. (Of course I have them. I am a single men in my twenties.) I told her I had no condoms so we stayed on the ‘dry humping’ stuff.
I just needed to tell this to someone. So here is my story of the weekend. Let me know what yoy think about it.
Something I forgot to tell you. Before my friends and I left to party. I went to a family party of my ex-girlfriend. To make it more complex.


Sounds cool to me,try with a guy to see if u like it.so long as u r honest with him
at the time.I am bisexual,I liked it lol


This is only my opinion, but I think every man has wanted to at least experiment with another man. As long as you are safe, I don't see any real issue. Sometimes men just want sex for sex, not relationships, not love. Just brace for a reaction that could range from "never again" to "wanting it over and over"


most young men want to try it even after they get married and keep it going on the side