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Well in the 9 months i was away a lot has happened, the last time i was here ended bitterly, so i sent message for this connection to be deleted obvious its not been done, .
you have to understand something Tgirls are not meat, or playthings and the hell that we endure is bad enough without gay guys attacking us,at times we are ok other times its so bad that the slightest thing can send us into depression.
In the T community the suicide rate is 60+%,so start abiding by the principles of equality.
Some of my friends here have my link on facebook, that is where i am most times amongst those i trust, so if you want to friend me do it there, as here it will take time to grow trust on a site that should be in the forefront of LGBTQI activities, but unfortunately is not.


Just a postscript : today 20 february linda kempton from victoria australia r i p one of our sisters passed away may she now rest in peace.


Hello dear,
It's been a long time since we talked & actually the FB page that I had u on is not active anymore, but I guess i'll add u to my other page.
& may Linda's soul rest in peace.


Nice to see you racha hope your well, my post does not ask my friends here to add me its just all the forums and groups for my kind are there so notifications come from there. As i stated a lot has happened to me in the 9 months, most times online i use private messages and share spiritual material on my page very little Lgbt, also dont post a lot and recently moved choosing isolation rather than company. Many reasons for that but i am better alone, if you need to contact me then go onto my page and leave message also my page is not connected to gays.com, not even there fb page is on my list of likes, i have my own reasons for that.
In normal life i blend in, as if i dont exist only go out to T meetings or www.outhere.forthvalley.com my local Lgbt group which is run in conjunction with the terrance higgins trust, and the main aim is to meet socially and intergrate with the general population and have some fun.
Also where i stay its a black hole as far as internet goes, even answering this i am 24 hrs behind.
blessings to all my friends stay safe and have a nice life.

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