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Hey there, je suis new to all nice, so play nice & be gentle lol - Gay Guys! <3

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How to be gay in the 21st century? Actually, it's easy now, jus don't be a sheep, jus be yourself. Not into all that "gay scene" rubbish nor am I one of those "pink boa & let's scream like some demented Essex girl tanked up on booze. I believe that you're be happier jus being your kinda gay.
Now, a question for you all, my new buddies: am I too unattractive for love? And after 10yrs of not being with anyone, why am I so nervous about taking that one step to be sexual again? How do I get out of this rut of a lone rider and become human again? Feel free to comment but let's be adults about this, yeah as I want to learn and change my life. Hope to hear from anyone on planet Earth, and who knows, I might even find someone special in this joint lol


Mickey, you are far from being unattractive. You are very sexy, hot & cute!!


Bienvenu Chez Nous Mickey, Welcome!
What the heck are you nervous for? I just saw your pic. & I sure would want to hook up with you - who know , maybe even for long term. Please don't think I am cruising you as I have a long term partner right now. We met in a gay bar in Montréal, Canada.
I have no intention of telling you how long we have been together, but if you are celebrating your 45th birthday this year, so are we.
Back to you:- start by going to bars where you feel welcome. If you hate dancing, then leave those bars for those who dig it. Do you have after hours establishments where you live? These are places that open up AFTER the bars close and serve only non alcoholic drinks. This way, you will be able to meet guys while you are sober - and hopefully them as well. Perhaps bowling, badminton, swim, even football (rugby) gay teams. These are just starters. I'm sure other guys will give you good advice as well. Fais attention et restes en santé.


You both are jus too kind, and thank u. I'm not into the gay scene really, I find them almost a nervous breakdown, & to be honest with u, I'm not brave enough to go there on my own. But I am working towards changing that in the near future & I have taken up already positive steps to change myself old behaviours and being a little more people-friendly: it's the same old story of bad relationships making me fearful of men, but hopefully I'll get braver now as I get older lol. It's all baby-steps & eventually I will find love, who knows????


they are right Mickey, you are one sexy hot stud